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Tarte Bourdaloue

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A typical Parisian Tarte Bourdaloue

Tarte Bourdaloue is a French pear tart that is said to have taken its name from a street that was named for Louis Bourdaloue, a preacher from the 17th century. The dough used to make the tart may be pate brisee, pate a foncer or pate a foncee sucree. As for the filling frangipane and pear compote is used most frequently. The pears can be arranged in any shape.

The nowadays tart has its origin from a recipe mentioned in Le grand livre de la cuisine de Montagné et Salles from 1929: a sweet dough filled with frangipane with macarons with fruit on top. The version with pears became the most popular later. Sometimes it is spoken of as Pears “à la Bourdaloue”.

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La tarte Bourdaloue,

Tarte Bourdaloue (Pear and Almond Tart),

Tarte Bourdaloue,