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Tas Kebabı

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Tas Kebabı also called Bowl kebap is lamb meat stewed with vegetables. There is a large number of different stew recipes in Turkish cuisine. Historically, meat was steamed for a long time to avoid blood in the dish, as it was prohibited by Muslim religion. Also stewing with vegetables creates a delicious and fragrant sauce. The traditional ingredients for Tas Kebabı are lamb meat, onion, tomato paste, green pepper, sweet red pepper, parsley, butter, ground black pepper, potato. The meat is fried for several minutes in casserole with butter and then removed; ground onions and green pepper are cooked till soft, tomato paste mixed with little water and all spices, potato and meat are also added. All the ingredients are simmered on a low hit till lamb is soft for about three hours.

Tas Kebabı is traditionally served with eggplant puree and sprinkled with chopped parsley.

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Lamb Stew with Bell Peppers,

Kuzu Tas Kebabi (Stewed Lamb),

Bowl Kebap (Tas Kebabı),