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Tau Suan

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Tau Suan, translated as ‘split green bean soup’, is a sweet Chinese dessert served warm with crispy you tiao (fried fritters) at any time of the day. It is prepared of split mung beans and syrup, and has porridge texture.

In the first stage of the preparation mung beans are soaked for half an hour, then steamed with pandan leaves on medium heat. The syrup is prepared of water, sugar and pandan leaves. When mung beans are soft, they are added into syrup, stirred well and thickened with potato flour.

Some unusual variations of the dish suggest caramelized mung beans which are fried with sugar before to steam them in pandan water. Caramelizing gives it additional pleasant fragrance and nice golden colour.

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Tau Suan,

(30 Minutes) Tau Suan With You Tiao(豆爽油条),

Tau Suan (Split Green Bean Soup),