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Tauhu goreng

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Tauhu goreng is a dish of fried tofu commonly found in Singapore and Malaysia.


When preparing the dish, cakes of hard tofu are deep fried until golden brown. The bean curds are then cut diagonally in half and arranged on a plate garnished with bean sprouts, cucumber and spring onion. A thick sauce is prepared with shallots, garlic, chillies, shrimp paste, soy sauce and tamarind juice.

Cultural Origins

The name is in the Malay language; 'tauhu' refers to tofu and 'goreng' indicates 'fried'. Fried tofu cannot be claimed as a dish exclusively found in Malay cuisine. Indeed, tofu and fried tofu are consumed extensively in Asian cultures, and has found its way into mainstream Western vegetarian diets. Tauhu goreng is largely similar to the Japanese dish agedashi tofu where the latter is not spicy and uses fewer condiments, although both versions use generous servings of soy sauce.

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Tauhu goreng,

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