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Tavuk göğsü (Chicken breast pudding)

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Tavuk göğsü (meaning "chicken breast") is a Turkish dessert pudding made with chicken and milk. In the traditional version white chicken breast meat, preferably freshly slaughtered capon, is softened by boiling and separating the meat fibers into very fine threads or rillettes. Modern recipes often pound the meat into a fine powder instead. The meat is mixed with milk, sugar, cracked rice or other thickeners, and often some sort of flavoring, such as cinnamon. The result is a thick pudding often shaped for presentation.

Tavuk göğsü was known in ancient Rome and introduced (or perhaps reintroduced) into Anatolia by the Romans. It became one of the most famous delicacies served to the sultans in the Ottoman Topkapı Palace. It is today considered a 'signature' dish of Turkey.

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Tavuk göğsü ,

Tavuk göğsü ,

Tavuk göğsü (Chicken Breast Pudding) ,