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Tea with milk

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The Republic of Ireland has, for a long time, been one of the biggest per-capita consumer of tea in the world. The national average is four cups per person per day, with many people drinking six cups or more.

As with the United Kingdom, tea in the Republic of Ireland is usually taken with milk and/or sugar and is slightly spicier and stronger than the traditional English Blend. The two main brands of tea sold in the Republic of Ireland are Lyons and Barry's. There is a considerable amount of light-hearted debate over which brand is superior and it is widely accepted that people from Dublin (circa 1million) mainly buy Lyons tea, whilst people from the other 25 counties in the republic (circa 4million), drink Barrys. The Irish love of tea is perhaps best illustrated by the stereotypical housekeeper, Mrs Doyle in the popular sitcom Father Ted.

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