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Teh C Peng

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Teh C Peng, commonly known as "Three Layer Milk Tea", is a traditional beverage made up of (top-to-bottom) tea, milk and Gula Melaka (palm sugar) syrup. An usual cup of teh contains tea and condensed milk, but Teh C is made by mixing tea with evaporated milk (just like condensed milk, but is thicker and richer than regular milk and no sugar is added in the process). This original drink can even come in more than 3 layers, but the normal Teh C Peng has an indulgent layer of Gula Melaka syrup at the bottom. It is not too sweet and has a good strong tea aroma. Before drinking it, its three lay­ers must be stirred up very well until smooth and reaches to a peanut butter-brown (some­times almost orange) colour.

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