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Teh halia

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Teh halia (literally ginger tea in Bahasa Melayu) is a tea beverage that is commonly consumed in Malaysia and Singapore. It is prepared like English tea with milk although it contains the added ingredient of ginger. Another notable feature of the beverage is that it is 'pulled' in the same style as teh tarik preparation.

Teh halia may also refer to an Indonesian drink consisting of brown sugar and ginger by the same name.

Ginger tea or teh halia as it is known in Malaysia is a sweet, spicy, and invigorating drink, much welcomed on cooler days. This beverage is prepared with black tea, grated ginger, and condensed milk. Sometimes it is pulled like teh tarik making it frothy at the top. Normally consumed warm, it is a good drink to calm the stomach after a heavy and oily meal.

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