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Teigwaren (Pasta)

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Teigwaren, literally translated as pasta, is a common dish in Zurich, especially the one made with vegetables. The ingredients for this are: traditionally, three color pasta (green, white and red), but not absolutely necessary, vegetables like potatoes, leek, tomatoes etc., margarine or butter, saltwater and vegetable soup.


Pasta and potatoes, cut into small cubes, are boiled in the salted water; the butter or margarine is heated in a pot and leek is added later which is stewed for some time until the vegetable broth evaporates; pasta and potatoes are added to the mixture and all are stirred thoroughly. Other variations of this recipe include sun dried, canned or fresh tomatoes, olives, eggplants, zucchini or any other variety of preferred vegetables. It is served both, hot or cold as a salad, sprinkled with chopped greens or freshly grated cheese. The tastes and smells of this dish differ a lot, like the amalgam of veggies used to cook it.

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