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Tel Kadayıf

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Tel Kadayıf is one of those sweet and mouth melting desserts, people from around the world love Turkish cuisine for. The dessert is considered to belong to the Ottoman Cuisine. There is a large choice of cakes made of Kadayıf, a Turkish shredded dough.

Kadayıf preparation is a very exciting process, a special machine with small holes is pouring the strings of dough on a metal plate, where the strings are half baked, packed and sold in local shops and supermarkets. It is impossible to make the same Kadayıf at home, therefore, people buy it and use for different dishes and desserts preparation.

Tel Kadayıf is a cake made of two layers of Kadayıf with crushed walnuts put between them, sprinkled over with melted butter and baked. The hot Kadayıf is soaked with sweet syrup made of sugar and lemon juice, left to cool, and then turned upside down on a serving plate.

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