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Teochew fish porridge

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Teochew fish porridge is a Chinese style dish popular in Singapore as well as other Asian countries. The only difference of the fish porridge is that rice is added in the final stage of the preparation, when the porridge is served. The traditional ingredients for Teochew fish porridge are: sliced fish fillet and fish bones, ginger, wolfberries, tomatoes, some vegetables, rice, soy sauce and sesame oil. Some variations of the dish use slightly grilled fish to get a smoky sweet taste.

First fish bones and ginger are put into a pot with half-boiled water. Fish slices, wolfberries, and vegetables are added when the water boils and sieved when they are cooked. When serving the dish, the rice is put into a bowl together with fish, ginger and tomatoes, then soy sauce, sesame oil and soup are poured over the fish and seasoned to taste.

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