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Terbiyeli Şehriye Çorbası

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Terbiyeli Sehriye Corbasi 01.jpg

Terbiyeli Şehriye Çorbası is a popular soup in Turkey, having Şehriye as the main ingredient. Şehriye, also know as orzo, risoni, kritharáki or manestra is a hard wheat semolina product made in the shape of a large grain of rice, slightly smaller than a pine nut also used in Turkish pilafs preparation.

To prepare the soup first Şehriye is added to the boiling stock and cooked for ten minutes on a low heat. Then a beaten egg is mixed with lemon juice and is slightly poured into the stock stirring thoroughly, after which the heat is turned off. The butter is melted in a pan, mixed with red pepper and poured into the soup. Salt is added to taste in the final stage of preparation. Some variations of Terbiyeli Şehriye Çorbası recipe also add yogurt to the soup.

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Terbiyeli Şehriye Çorbası,

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