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Kolokithakia Tiganita (Fried Zuchini)

Tiganita is a simple appetizer made by deep frying sliced vegetables in olive oil. The word Tiganita means deep fried and refers to all deep fried dishes. There is a great variety of Tiganita made of many different ingredients. The most common ingredients are courgettes, aubergines, peppers or mushrooms, but there are also Tiganitas made of calamari, cheese puffs, mussels, chicken, calf liver, eggs and many others. Though they use different ingredients they are all prepared in similar ways: the main ingredient is at first dipped in spiced batter and then deep fried in olive oil.

Tiganita is served hot as an appetizer or as a first course. It is usually eaten with hands or a fork. Sometimes Tiganita is poured with sauce or lemon juice.

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