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Tiroler Knödel (Tyrolean Dumplings)

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Tyrolean Bacon-Dumpling Soup.jpg

Tiroler Knödel (Tyrolean Dumplings) is the most popular Austrian meal, originated in Tyrol, but quite famous also throughout the country. The Tiroler Knödel are made from small cut and fried onions, smoked bacon and sausages. Sometimes ham can also be added. These ingredients are mixed together into a pliable mass (adding bread soaked in milk and eggs) and then the dumplings are round-shaped by hand as desired (though require little effort, they are time consuming); if they are served with the soup, smaller-sized dumplings are made. The cooked dumplings (traditionally boiled) may be garnished with crispy fried bacon, cabbage, sauerkraut or any green salad.

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Tiroler Knödel,

Tiroler Knödel,

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