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Tonno e fagioli

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Small portion of tonno e fagioli

Tonno e fagioli is a traditional and very popular Tuscan appetizer, which can be savoured as a main meal as well. The recipe of the salad includes Cannellini and Borlotti beans, chopped parsley leaves, canned tuna fish, extra virgin olive oil, diced red onions and lemon juice. Tuscanian canned tuna has a very special taste due to the fact that it is preserved in olive oil. Boiled (or canned) beans are mixed together with the rest of the ingredients and garnished with the parsley leaves. The salad is usually served with crunchy ciabatta bread.

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Insalata di tonno e fagioli – tuna and bean salad,

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Tonno e Fagioli (Tuna and Beans),