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Topinky (singular: Topinka) is a traditional Czech appetizer, or rather a quick dinner. It consists of toasted or fried dark bread rubbed with garlic cloves. A version of garlic bread is prepared in the Czech Republic, with the difference that the toasted bread is rubbed with garlic cloves and then topped with olive oil, salt, pepper or butter. Another modern recipes include garlic bread topped with a variety of ingredients such as cheese, egg yolk, cumin, onion, sweet paprika, tomatoes, tartar and mustard. In some regions of the country, topinky may be coated with foie gras or partially covered with alcoholic grape jelly. There are many different serving options. In Czech pubs, topinky are usually offered as a snack, appetizer or dinner. Occasionally, the garlic bread is served as an accompaniment to soups.

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Topinky S Vejci,

Topinky s česnekem,