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Torta De Hojas

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Torta de Hojas or otherwise called Torta de mil hojas, literally translated as “A thousand sheets cake”, is a rather popular dessert in Santiago, really enjoyed by children who are always “sweets' fans” and adults, too. It is called so because it has many cookie sheets abundantly covered in condensed milk; the main ingredients being flour, baking powder, butter, eggs, milk, condensed milk, walnuts, brandy and water.


The flour is mixed with baking powder, butter is bitten with egg yolks and milk until a stiff dough results which is rolled out in many thin sheets and baked in the oven until golden of color. Brandy is combined with water which is then sprinkled on the cookies; condensed milk is boiled in the original cans and spread on the surface of the sheets, followed by a sprinkled layer of chopped walnuts. The cake is served with tea, coffee, juice and is very sweet, flavoring and hearty.

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