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Torta di carciofi

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Beautifully decorated Torta di carciofi

The Torta di Carciofi, an Italian inspired artichoke pie, is a very popular appetizer, especially in the summer months due to the fact that most of the components of the dish are "available" directly from the garden.

The dought for the pie is extremly simple. It consists of flour, water, olive oil and salt. The filling instead is rich and sophisticated: the cleaned artichokes are soaked in water with several lemon wedges and then sauteed with parsley and onions in a mixture of butter and olive oil. When the ingredients are halfway ready, they are stirred with grated parmesan, salt and pepper and introduced into the oven, on top of the already rolled dough. If you prefer to make a covered pie, the "roof" has to be pierced in several places before baking.

The torta di carciofi is served either hot or cold.

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Torta di carciofi,


Torta di carciofi,