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Tortell ([turˈteʎ] or [torˈteʎ]) is a Catalan typically O-shaped pastry stuffed with marzipan, that on some special occasions is topped with glazed fruit. This dish is often sprinkled with purple, green and gold sugar that makes it even more appealing. It may be also decorated with pecans and candied cherries.

This dish is traditionally eaten on January 6 (Epiphany), at the conclusion of the Twelve Days of Christmas. The tortell de reis contains two hidden surprises: a dried field bean, and a tiny figurine of one of the three kings. The person who gets the figurine in their cut gets to wear the paper crown. The person who gets the dried fava bean in their cut gets to pay for the tortell.

The dish is also popular in the rest of Spain where is known as roscón de Reyes. In Mexico there is a very similar dish called rosca de reyes.

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