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Traubi or traubisoda is a type of soft drink flavored with grape juice. It is produced in Hungary, Austria and Croatia.

In Hungary, it is made by a factory called Traubi Hungaria located in the village of Balatonvilágos. The company produces the drink from a special type of Hungarian grapes, called saszla.

The aroma was originally invented by Lenz Moser of Austria in 1954. It was licensed to Traubi Hungaria in 1971. The new flavor became popular not only due to the successful advertisement but also as it appeared to be the first Hungarian fizzy drink.

The popularity of the drink was tested through a market research conducted by the producer. The findings clearly showed, that there was a strong nostalgia for the drink among Hungarians who were teenagers in the '80s. Drinking Traubi evokes memories from Hungarian people’s past, therefore a special importance belongs to this drink. Salamon Berkowitz, the owner of the company Traubi Hungaria claims that the original publicity campaign team, who created the first campaign, has been working on the company's advertisements and image nowadays.

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