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Trdelník is a traditional cake and sweet pastry, from the Slovak town of Skalica. It is made from rolled dough, wrapped around a stick (wooden or metal), smeared with beaten egg whites first and then grilled until it is golden brown. The pastry is usually sprinkled with sugar mixed with vanilla sugar and walnut and can be eaten with various toppings.

Name of the cake Trdelnik comes from "trdlo" which is the wooden stake the cake is wrapped around for cooking, and which gives it its traditional hollow cylindrical shape. Nowadays trdelník is gaining popularity as a sweet pastry in Slovakia and Czech Republic and is very popular among foreign tourists.

Its production has a long tradition in Skalica. Earl József Gvadányi, a Hungarian general in retirement who was also a poet and philosopher, settled down in Skalica at the end of the 18th century. He employed a cook from Transylvania and he brought a recipe for “trdelník“, thus improving the recipe into the final pastry known nowadays as Skalický trdelník. The Hungarian name of the original cake is Kürtőskalács.

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"Trdelník", a traditional cake from Skalica,

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