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Slovakian delicacies such as treska, treaska salat or treska v majonéze (cod fish salad) can be tasted in many local restaurants or can be bought prepacked at local markets. This salad is a very common snack in Bratislava. The main ingredients of this salad are codfish, mayonnaise and various veggies. The cod fish fillet is boiled with vinegar, black pepper, bay leaves, salt and other spices; then half cooked and grated vegetables, like carrots, onions and the fine-cut, cooled cod fish are mixed with mayonnaise and seasonings. Before serving treaska salat should rest in a cool place for about 24 hours. More ingredients like cucumbers, mushrooms, zucchini and other more exotics can be added as well. The dish is served as a salad on a plate garnished with salad herbs and sliced fresh vegetables. It has a pate like texture and is easily spread on toast as well, and tastes nice with rolls.

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