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Trippa alla romana

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Trippa alla Romana is a traditional Italian dish which has different variations depending on the region, but the most famous recipes are Florentine, Balanese, Neapolitan, and Milanese. The common ingredients of Trippa alla Romana are Roman pecorino cheese and mint. Traditionally they are added in the first stage of the preparation.

The preparation process is simple and easy and takes about two hours. Firstly, chopped celery, carrott and onions are sauted in a pan with oil, then cooked and cut into stripes beef or veal tripe is added. When the tripe gets soft, a glass of red or white wine and chopped tomatoes are added, then seasoned with pepper and salt. All the ingredients have to be cooked under the lid. Pecorino cheese and chopped mint prepared in a bowl are added and stirred in the first or the last stage of the preparation. The dish is garnished with fresh mint leaves.

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Tripe with Tomato and Mint Trippa alla Romana,

Trippa alla Romana,

Trippa alla Romana,