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Turbinenbräu beer is produced by a brewery company of the same name that makes basically four types of Turbinen beer: Start, Rekord, Sprint and Rodler. It is said that once you come to Zurich, this is the beer which you will be served, as it is considered to be the best. Although, the technologies of making this beverage are practically the same as in Germany, the taste is different. Beer experts claim that Swiss beer is not as good as German one, or that from Belgium, and it is even more expensive than in the mentioned countries. Turbinenbrau beers have a citrus and mild yeast aroma with a little sweet and bready taste. They are moderately fizzy and should be drunk quickly as with time they might lose their refreshing qualities. It is a rather thin drink, with little variation of tastes and flavors, but good enough for a stuffy summer day.

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