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Utopenci ( Drowned Man)

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Utopenec (literally drowned) is a popular Czech appetizer made of sausage with onions and sour pickle, which is served with beer in various pubs. The basic recipe consists of boiled sausages with pieces of bacon (špekáčky) on the top of which marinade is being poured, this typically including: water, vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper beans, bay leaf, allspice or pepper, which are a little bit chili. Before marinate it, the sausage is usually divided into small parts to facilitate the absorption of the brine. Then sliced onions, peppers and sometimes pickles (all in layers) are being added. These should be kept in a cold place at least for a week or two. The jar can be placed between windows or near the pantry, as the refrigerator cannot be considered an option. Utopenec is usually eaten cold with bread.

The basic recipe has many variations: in some versions, vegetables such as hot peppers, cucumbers, and cabbage are being used, while others tend to use mustard, ketchup,olives, horse radish, Worcester sauce, or soy sauce as seasonings.

Apparently, the inventor of the "drowned man" is the miller Samanek, originating from Beroun. The origin of the name is not entirely clear. The name "utopenec" is in honor of the miller, who drowned while fixing the mill wheel.

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Utopenci-”Drowned Men” a Czech pub classic,