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Viennese Coffee

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Mornings won’t be beautiful and complete without a hot and delicious coffee, especially in Vienna. Coffee is the most popular drink in this Austrian city and this is evident in the big number of coffee houses set out in the different regions of the capital today. Viennese Coffee is the traditional rich mix of coffee, chocolate and whipped cream, maybe something like a delicious café mocha. The variety of recipes include crème de cacao or Irish cream adding. The cream and chocolate are well mixed in a medium heavy cooking pan, then placed over medium heat and cooked until the chocolate is melted and has a smooth texture. Finally the mixture is whisked in the hot coffee. Traditionally, the coffee is poured into cups and flavored with whipped cream, cinnamon and chocolate shavings before serving.

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Viennese Coffee,

Viennese Coffee,

Viennese Coffee,