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Traditional Vientiane Food

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Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, and no trip to Vientiane is complete without tasting the local food. This directory offers information about the traditional dishes and drinks available in Vientiane to help visitors better understand the local food culture and make an informed decision when trying them.




Main courses


Fast food

Street food

  • Baguette: a long thin loaf of French bread.
  • Lard na: a Lao-Chinese noodle dish with gravy.
  • Kai yang: grilled chicken.

Drinks (Non-alcoholic)

Drinks (Alcoholic)

  • Beerlao: local beer made of locally grown jasmine rice, the hops and yeast used are imported from Germany.
  • Lao hai: is sato (wine made from starchy glutinous or sticky rice) brewed in earthenware jugs.
  • Lao-Lao: Laotian rice whiskey.
  • Sweet water: is a synonym for freshwater.

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