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Vijfschaft is an old Dutch dish that originates from Utrecht. It consists of five basic ingredients quite classical for Dutch cuisine: carrots, potatoes, onions, kidney beans and apples. Vijfschaft is an extremely rich and very hearty brown beans, vegetable and wurst one-pot meal. Preparation is simple, as soaked beans are simmered in a casserole for about one hour; then carrots, onions and apples are added; after a while potatoes are also added and cooked until tender. Cornstarch is stirred in to thicken the sauce. Finally, the butter is stirred in as well until becomes soft. When the stew is removed from the heat it is topped with sausage and bacon and served hot. This dish usually hits the spot on a chilly day.

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Vijfschaft (Dutch Stew),


Vijfschaft (Dutch Stew),

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