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Wódka miodowa

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Wódka miodowa, translated from Polish "honey vodka", it is made from honey and is drunk cooled in shots. This vodka is sold in bottles in many stores throughout the country and can be also home made. In Poland, a famous vodka containing honey is called Krupnik vodka.

Honey vodka is composed primarily of: honey, water, spirits and a little of lemon juice. Such spices as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, orange zest may be optionally added. There may be variations of the used ingredients. Honey vodka is characterized as a delicate strong alcoholic drink slightly sweet in taste.

It has warming properties, but excess consumption of vodka or any other alcoholic beverage can be lethal by inducing respiratory failure or unguarded inhalation of vomit by a comatose drunk person. In addition, the effects of alcohol are responsible for many traumatic injuries such as falls and vehicle accidents.

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