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WKD Original Vodka is a brand of alcopop produced by Beverage Brands. It is sold and heavily marketed in the United Kingdom with the slogan ‘Have you got a WKD side?’ (Have you got a wicked side?), and also in many countries in mainland Europe. AC Nielsen ranked it as the number-one UK ready-to-drink brand in 2006.

All varieties currently contain 4.5% ABV. This was originally 5.5%, but it was changed to 5% in October 2003 and reduced to 4.5% in May 2009. The drink was first marketed in Scotland under the name ‘Wicked’ and was launched in August 1996. Initially available in 330ml bottles, the bottles were later reduced to 275ml, matching other alcopops. The individual 275ml bottles are sold in pubs, bars, and shops across the UK, with shops also selling multipacks of 4 and 12. The larger 700ml bottles are sold in shops only.


  • WKD Original Vodka Iron Brew ("WKD Orange")

Orange coloured, Irn-Bru flavour.

  • WKD Original Vodka Blue ("WKD Blue", "WKD Original")

Blue coloured, mixed fruit flavour.

  • WKD Original Vodka Red ("WKD Red")

Red coloured, cherry flavour.

  • WKD Core

Cider-based drink, apple flavoured, green colour. Introduced 2009.

  • WKD Purple (Limited Edition)

A Mixed Berry flavour drink, purple colour. Available from March 2011 to September 2011

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