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Watermelon sago

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Watermelon sago is a healthy refreshing dessert, and at the same time very nutritious. Although the dessert is very delicious, its preparation usually takes little time and efforts. The ingredients of traditional watermelon sago include: fresh milk, coconut milk, sago, water, sugar, pandan leaves, watermelon and almond flakes. First sago is put to cook in a pot with water, stirring well until it is transparent. When the sago is ready, it is rinsed in cold water and set aside. Then sugar syrup is prepared with pandan leaves added for pleasant fragrance and watermelon is cut into small pieces. At the end of the preparation fresh milk and coconut milk are mixed together and poured into bowls, then syrup and watermelon pieces are added and topped with sago and almond flakes. The variations of this dessert include addition of other fruits together with watermelon: honeydew, mango, carrots.

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