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Waterzooi is a classic stew of Flanders. Its name is Dutch, "zooien" meaning "to boil". It is sometimes called Gentse Waterzooi (in Dutch) which refers to Ghent, a city in Belgium.

The original form is made of fish, either freshwater or sea, (viszooitje), though today chicken waterzooi (kippenwaterzooi) is more common. Kippenwaterzooi traditionally includes such ingredients as chicken, carrot, leek, celeriac, onions, cream, and butter. The chicken is cut and cooked in poultry stock. When it is ready, the skin is removed and cream with carrot, leek, celery and onions are added. Finally the dish is arranged in a soup bowl and is sprinkled with julienne.

The most accepted theory is that rivers of Ghent became too polluted and the fish there disappeared. The stew is made of the fish or chicken, vegetables including carrots, leeks and potatoes, herbs, eggs, cream and butter.

Typically, fish such as eel, pike, carp and bass are used. Other fish such as cod, monkfish, or halibut can be used. Gentse Waterzooi van Kip includes chicken. Gentse Waterzooi van Tarbot includes turbot. Both the chicken and fish versions are based on an egg yolk and cream thickened vegetable broth and usually served as a soup with a baguette to sop up the liquid.

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