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White clam pie

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White clam pie or also called white clam pizza is a type of pizza, which is very popular in Chicago. It is well known that this dish has originated in New Haven, Connecticut, at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana which is a popular pizza restaurant that opened in 1925, it being one of the oldest and best known pizzerias in the United States. This pizzeria came up with different new styles of pizzas, one of which was the white clam pie - that was not invented due to allergies to tomatoes and mozzarella, a common misconception regarding the reason of serving it. Actually, Pepe's restaurant used to serve littleneck clams on the half shell at the bar which he eventually decided to put on the pizza. The white clam pie calls for the use of crust, olive oil, oregano, grated cheese, chopped garlic, and fresh littleneck clams. Since then, the white clam pie has become the signature pizza among the New Haven pizzerias, who try to discourage any customers from ordering it with mozzarella. Once the business started to extend, a chain of New Haven-style pizza has rapidly expanded throughout other big cities from the United States.

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