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Wollwurst is one of popular white sausages in Munich, which is related to Bavarian specialty veal and pork sausages; being also called Nackert, Geschwollene, Geschlagene or Oberländer. Wollwurst is usually somewhat longer and thinner than white sausages, however, the basic recipe is very similar to the white sausages, which are generally less rindy and no parsley is used. The sausage mixture is not filled in intestines but injected directly with a spout into boiling water, cooked for about ten minutes at a moderate temperature and then quenched, having a "bare", soft and "woolly" surface; they can be eaten immediately. Customarily, they are fried, being shortly dipped in hot milk and fried until golden yellow (where they swell). The traditional side dish is warm potato salad prepared with vinegar, oil, and cucumber.

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