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Xue-hua-bin (雪花冰)

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Xue-hua-bin 01.jpg

Xue-hua-bin (雪花冰), literally translated as Snowflake Ice, is a typical Taiwanese dessert that can be found practically everywhere in Taipei and which is extremely popular with foreign tourists. Like one says, as soon as you try it, you will not forget the taste that will linger in your mouth and head for a period of time after on. The customer is offered to choose the base flavor, the toppings which can be various, like for instance, fruit toppings (banana, mango, strawberry…), dry toppings (nuts, chocolate, candy-coated chocolate, sprinkles, cookies…) and the syrup that ties everything together and makes the ice-cream really delicious. The structure of this dessert is so silky that it seems to be dancing on your tongue with every spoonful taken. It is usually served in a cup or dessert plate at a very cheap price for such a yummy thing.

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