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Yayla Çorbası

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Yayla Çorbası or Yogurt Soup is a popular dish widely consumed throughout Turkey and Central Asia. The soup is adored by Turks and is very appreciated for its intense smell of mint or tarragon and thirst quenching feature. The dish goes well chilled or at a room temperature as a first meal in summer.

The main ingredients for the traditional Turkish Yayla Çorbası are rice, water or chicken stock, egg, flour, butter, dry mint or tarragon, and plain yogurt.

The preparation process is very easy and takes little time. First rice is cooked in water or stock, then yogurt, egg yolk, and flour are mixed together in a bowl and poured into the pot with rice, stirring slowly. The soup is put on a low heat for about ten minutes. Then butter is melted in a frying pan together with mint or tarragon and added to the soup. Yayla Çorbası is traditionally served hot or chilled.

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