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Yaz Türlüsü

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Yaz Türlüsü is a Turkish style Vegetable Stew very popular during the summertime. The preparation is very easy and not time consuming, as it may combine all the vegetables one has in the refrigerator. The traditional Summer Vegetable Stew or Yaz Türlüsü contains green beans, chopped onions, bamya (Turkish okra), potato, zucchini, tomato, eggplant, green or red peppers or both and lamb meat. Onion and cubed lamb are sauteed in a pan, then all the vegetables are added in layers: first eggplant, then green beans, then a layer of coarsely cut zucchini, okra and quarters of green peppers on the top. Each layer is sprinkled with salt and tomato pieces. Yaz Türlüsü is stewed on a very low heat for two hours until it gets its perfect summer fragrance.

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Yaz Türlüsü,

Yaz Türlüsü,