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Yebisu Beer (エビス ビール)

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Yebisu (ヱビス Ebisu?) is one of Japan's oldest brands, first brewed in Tokyo in 1890 by the Japan Beer Brewery Company. Through a complicated set of mergers and divisions, the brand was acquired and eventually retained by the modern-day Sapporo Brewery. The brand lay dormant during the post-WWII era, being resurrected in 1971. It has been brewed continuously ever since.

Yebisu comes in two main varieties: Yebisu (Premium), a Dortmunder/export lager and Yebisu Black, a Euro dark lager. There are also occasional special varieties that are limited in distribution area and time. As of April 2007, there is a green-label "The Hop" variety.

The modern-day Yebisu is positioned as Sapporo's "luxury" beer label - Sapporo describes it as a beer brand with "a touch of class." It is a 100% malt beer.

Yebisu is notable in that its Japanese name includes the now-obsolete we kana (character) (ヱ or ゑ), an anachronism (historical kana usage). This can lead to confusion when romanized, as the "Y" is not pronounced. The Tokyo neighborhood of Ebisu was named for the beer, which was originally produced there, though the we kana was later dropped. The pronunciations of both "Yebisu" and "Ebisu" are the same.

In the anime and manga franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion, character Misato Katsuragi drinks Yebisu Premium.

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