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Zürcher Eintopf

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Zürcher Eintopf is a common dish in Zürich, with its origins from German Eintopf, a kind of stew consisting of a great number of different ingredients. The term, technically refers to a way of cooking all components in one pot, not to any specific recipe. Traditionally, this dish contains three or four basic ingredients: broth, green vegetables, potatoes or pulses (rarely noodles or rice), meat or sausages. Other making parts for the stew are: margarine, onions, garlic, cumin, salt, carrots, white wine and water. The procedure of preparing requires a pressure cooker for a better result of the dish. The meat is roasted gently in margarine, then onions and garlic are steamed until become glassy, to which cumin, salt and pepper are added. Potatoes, carrots are cut into medium pieces and put into the meat with the rest of the seasoning, white wine is poured in the pot which is covered and left to steam. The Eintopf is served hot, with Swiss bread or croutons, and it is a hearty and delicious meal for those who like to combine all possible ingredients in a pot.

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Recipe for Zürcher Eintopf (Hot-pot Zürich style),


Zürcher Eintopf (Hot-pot Zürich style),