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Zeljanica is a Bosnian spinach and cheese pie, widely popular in Balkan countries and abroad. The ingredients commonly used to cook this pie are: filo pastry, fresh spinach, eggs, sour cream, cottage cheese, olive oil, salt, milk and yoghurt (optional).


The spinach is chopped and mixed with salt, eggs, sour cream and cheese; the filo sheets are greased with olive oil and spread with the cheesy mass, then covered with another layer of dough and filling. The procedure is repeated until the pastry is finished, the top layer being a filo sheet which is accordingly poured over with sour cream and the ready pie is baked in the oven. Another variation of Zeljanica cooking techniques, is to spread the dough on an even surface, sprinkle with cheese and spinach and roll it into a long and narrow stripe, which is again spiraled and baked in the oven until golden brown. It is served warm and traditionally accompanied by plain yogurt, which is not absolutely necessary; it can be eaten without it, if wanted.

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Zeljanica (Spinach and Feta Pie),

Bosnian spinach pie (zeljanica),

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