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Zōsui (雑炊) is a Japanese rice soup made from pre-cooked rice and water and it is considered to be akin to a vegetable soup with lots of rice in it.

Zosui (which is also called Ojiya - a name considered to have originated from the Spanish word Olla) is traditionally eaten when people are feeling unwell.

Leftover soup from Nabe (鍋), or hot-pot with seasonal ingredients, is often reused for Zosui, especially at individual household.

There is a wide variety of zosui, one of the most famous ones being Tori zosui. It is a thick rice broth with chicken. This dish represents the best way to use leftover Japanise rice. Precooked rice is simmered in dashi soup with various ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, or seafood.

A hot bowl of zosui is extremely invigorating, especially when it is cold outside or you are not feeling well. Zosui is also very famous with little ones due to its rich taste.

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Tori Zosui,

Tori Zosui?Japanese Rice & Chicken Porridge,