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Zukak kway

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Zukak Kway (鼠麹粿chhú-khak-ké, 草仔粿, chháu-á-ké) are cakes made with dough from glutinous rice flour, sugar, combined with a ground cooked paste of Gnaphalium affine or Mugwort. The herbs give the dough and the finished kuih (cake) a unique flavor and brownish green color. It is used in Taiwanese cuisine especially on Qingming Festival (the name denoting a time for people to go outside and enjoy the greenery of spring), as a celebratory food item. The herb flavored dough is commonly stuffed with ground meat, dried daikon, sweet bean paste or a filling consisting of dried shrimp, shitake, and deep-fried shallots which is commonly used by locals. The cakes can be easily recognized by their unique greenish color but also by their medallion, ball or square-like forms.

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