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Zuppa alla Pavese

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Zuppa alla Pavese is a dish belonging to the gastronomic tradition of Pavia and consists of cheese, homemade stale bread, and a fresh egg placed in the middle of the soup bowl. The history of Pavese soup tells that the recipe originated from an incident when Francis the First of France during the Battle of Pavia was taken prisoner and immediately conducted at a nearby farm for refreshment (Cascina Repenti farm). The woman of that farm, taken aback, found no better way to serve the illustrious host than a soup made from what was currently available, thus inventing the famous Pavese soup. Francis the First returned home after a year of imprisonment and introduced to his court this delicious soup which was so successful that soon became a popular dish intended to a secular fame.

The classical ingredients of Zuppa alla Pavese are well flavored chicken stock, salt, butter, thick slices of crusty bread, freshly-grated Parmesan cheese and eggs at room temperature. It is served at once it gets ready in a soup bowl with slices of bread soaked with stock and eggs on the top, then sprinkled with cheese.

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