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Éisleker Ham

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Éisleker Ham, also known as Oesling ham, is a cut of meat from the thigh of the hind leg of pig. It is produced in Éisleker (Oesling) region covering the northern part of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, within the greater Ardennes area that also covers parts of Belgium and France.

In the past ham was prepared by marinating the pig legs in herbs and vinegar for several days, then were hung up in a chimney for a long period so that could be cold smoked. But since that time, the process has changed significantly, and is not so time consuming as before. The pork meat is cured in brine for two weeks, and put in a smoke chamber for a week or so. The meat is taken from only naturally grown pigs, raised on organic food.

Éisleker Ham is traditionally served thinly sliced, with fried potatoes, salad, cheese, fresh bread and good local wine.

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