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Cau-Cau is a popular Peruvian dish that has a lot of variations, including seafood cau cau, chicken cau cau, etc. Simply Cau-Cau or Cau-Cau criollo means beef tripe cau cau. It is made with tripe (boiled in water and milk and cut in little pieces), sautéed onion, garlic cloves, cumin, ground yellow chili, turmeric, slat, and potatoes. When Cau-Cau is ready, it is sprinkled with mint and lime juice. Garnished with chopped basil or parsley, it is often served with white rice, sauce and vegetables.

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Cau cau criollo (Creole cau cau),

CAU CAU Lima Style,

Cau Cau - Peruvian Tripe & Potatoes,