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Gyōza (ギョーザ, ギョウザ) are fried dumplings with a filling prepared from minced vegetables and ground meat.

The most common recipe found is a mixture of minced pork, cabbage, and Nira (Chinese chives), sesame oil, and/or garlic, and/or ginger, which is then wrapped into thinly-rolled dough skins. In essence, gyōza are a cross between a pierogi and an egg roll.

Japanese gyōza are not rich in garlic, being very lightly flavored with salt and soy. The gyōza wrappers are quite thin. They are usually served with soy-based tare sauce seasoned with rice vinegar and/or Rāyu (known as chili oil in English, làyóu (辣油) in China).

Gyōza can be found in supermarkets and restaurants throughout Japan.

Gyoza were introduced to Japan from China. Variations of Gyōza can be found in countries like the United States, Canada, Nepali and others.

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