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Konnyaku (Japanese: 蒟蒻/菎蒻; こんにゃく) is a yam cake that looks like jelly. It represents a combination of konnyaku yam and pure water, this giving the dish a special taste. Konnyaky is then easily mixed with lime, calcium hydroxide or oxide calcium extirpated from eggshells.

It is a popular Japanese dish, that is quite healthy and is made from a special sort of potato called "Konnyaku potato". It represents an almost zero-calorie food, containing 97% water and 3% protein and calcium.

For a long period of time this dish used to be called a "broom for the stomach", being low in calories and rich in proteins. Konnyaku itself is not very aromatic. It's the texture that will either attract or repel the client. It is gelatinous, condensed and a bit rubbery.

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