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Perunamuusi (Mashed Potato)

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Perunamuusi (Mashed Potato) is a well-known and popular traditional dish in Finland. The Perunamuusi is made of boiled potatoes, sometimes with some onion and sometimes with some garlic. After boiling, the potatoes are mashed and there is added butter, sometimes milk or yogurt till it becomes creamy. To the Perunamuusi can also be added boiled spinach, boiled carrots or other boiled green herbs, as well as dill, chives or parsley. Sometimes there can be added lemon juice. The Perunamuusi is served immediately, hot and usually with some meat. In Finland the Perunamuusi is served with meatballs most of all, roast turkey or it can be other kind of meat too. In other cases, the Perunamuusi is a little frosted prior to serving till it gains a brown crust.

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Miken valkosipulinen perunamuusi (Mike's mashed potatoes),


Perunamuusi (itse valmistettuna),

Perunamuusi – Wanhan ajan perunasose,