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Traditional Panama City Food

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Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, and no trip to Panama City is complete without tasting the local food. This directory offers information about the traditional dishes and drinks available in Panama City to help visitors better understand the local food culture and make an informed decision when trying them.


  • Angels on Horseback: hot appetizer made of oysters wrapped with bacon.
  • Bollos: corn scraped, grinded and mixed in a smooth dough mass, which is then wrapped with banana leaves and boiled.
  • Carimañola: type of meat-pie, made from yucca and stuffed with pork.
  • Patacones: twice-fried plantain patties.
  • Spicy Jumbo Shrimp: jumbo shrimp, wine, chili peppers, fresh lemon juice and hot pepper sauce.
  • Yuca con Mojo: yucca root with garlic, lime, and olive oil.


  • Bouillabaisse: it contains various kinds of cooked fish, shellfish and vegetables; flavored with different herbs and spices.
  • Clam Soup: soup made with clams, crushed garlic cloves, sliced plantains, chopped onions, potatoes and sliced bacon.
  • Sancocho: traditional soup, consists of large pieces of meat and vegetables served in a broth.
  • Sopa de mondongo: soup made with slow-cooked diced tripe and vegetables.


Main courses


  • Arroz con pina: rice with pineapple.
  • Banana bread: mashed bananas blended with brown sugar, butter, milk, eggs.
  • Canal cake: traditional cake made with nuts, flour, butter, vanilla, milk, sugar and cream cheese.
  • Cinnamon Roll: dough with cinnamon and sugar mixture, sometimes with raisins added.
  • Cocadas: coconut candy or cookie.
  • Delicia de Coco: sponge cake with coconut cream.
  • Drunk plantains: plantains,flour, orange slices, sweet sauce made of lemon juice, grated lemon and corn syrup.
  • Huevitos de leche: candy made from milk, sugar, salt and vanilla (or cinnamon).
  • Mango pudding: pudding prepared with gelatin, fresh mangoes, evaporated milk and sugar.
  • Pastel de Tres Leches: cake that includes three varieties of milk: condensed, evaporated and whole milk that can be substituted by heavy cream.
  • Platanos en tentacion: plantains baked in a delicious sweet sauce of white and brown sugar, butter and dry white wine.
  • Sopa Borracha: rum cake.

Fast food

Street food

Drinks (Non-alcoholic)

  • Chicha: fermented beverage, derived from maize, but may also be made from manioc root (also called yucca or cassava), or fruits.
  • Chicheme: drink made from milk, sweet corn or cornmeal, cinnamon, and vanilla.
  • Pipa: sweet liquid of an unripe coconut.
  • Resbaladera: rice and barley drink.
  • Smoothie: blended, chilled, sometimes sweetened beverage made from fresh fruit and can contain chocolate or peanut butter.

Drinks (Alcoholic)

  • Atlas: local beer.
  • Balboa: light pale lager with alcohol content of 3.8%.
  • Kahlúa: dense and sweet liqueur, with the distinct taste of coffee.
  • Ron ponche: popular drink made with evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and rum.
  • Seco Herrerano: beverage that is triple distilled from sugarcane.

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