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Traditional Casablanca Food

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Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, and no trip to Casablanca is complete without tasting the traditional Casablanca food. This directory offers information about the traditional dishes and drinks available in Casablanca to help visitors better understand the local food culture and make an informed decision when trying them.




Main courses


Fast food

Street food

  • Karantita: quiche-like dish made from eggs and chickpea flour.
  • Korma: grilled meat pasty roll.

Drinks (Non-alcoholic)

  • Beet juice: is usually served mixed with apple, cucumber or carrot juice in order to dilute it.
  • Coffee: is a brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, called coffee beans, of the coffee plant.
  • Green tea: is made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing.
  • Nana: traditional Moroccan mint tea.
  • Sharbat Billooz: Moroccan almond milk.
  • Touareg tea: green tea with mint leaves.

Drinks (Alcoholic)

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